About Us

Who We Are :

As a fashion studio and clothing manufacturing unit,our mission is to provide outstanding clothing designs that are fashionable and nurture an inventory of unique fashion products. We, at Fashion Studio Urban Purple (FSUP) firmly believe in providing the guiding light for apparel brands and private clothing labels to create products with fundamentally better techniques. This approach has been our cornerstone of success and has enabled us to bring over 200 private labels to life.

We are a one-stop destination for designers, offering services from Concept to Consumer.Our designs are unique and inspirational; delivering a collection line that can propel any brand en route to success.

Our services extend in to providing management services for new and existing businesses as well. FSUP has been created with a resolute objective of helping the fashion industry source, plan and manufacture better. We constantly strive to advance standards in apparel design and manufacturing by way of improved efficiency and reduced costs. FSUP is one of the most prominent companies in this space, providing a sophisticated and collaborative platform for apparel brands to succeed.

Our Mission :

Our Mission is to empower small and start-up clothing brands to achieve success. Urban Purple, with its Parent Company, Scriptographics , and other dedicated affiliate companies form a strong conglomerate of companies committed to the construction and growth of small and start-up apparel businesses without any geographical boundaries. Our services and instructive guidelines are effective, easy to apprehend and entirely geared to help clothing brand owners become more competitive in the fashion and online retail markets with minimal investment.

What we enjoy the most, though, is supporting small and start-up brands with unique concepts and product lines that create cognizance about the collective small business voice. ScriptoGraphics and Urban Purple encourage patrons and prospective customers along with our overseas partners to ask questions and share experiences. We are certain that every small business owner is proficient in his/ her own way and would love to hear every single opinion and view on making things better. We are relentlessly evolving and improving as a company and our vision to empower small and start-up apparel businesses to succeed continues to be our driving force.


Paromita Das
Fashion Designer, Technical Designer, Managing Director – Urban Purple

Paromita began her career as a fashion designer in various industries and co-operative societies have experience working in both high industry officials and people from grass root levels. She has wide experience working with various segments of apparel design, development and production for both small scale and large scale production environment. Also have experience working with Organic handmade apparel segment with various co-operative societies. With More than 14 years of experience in various apparel industry environments as a Creative and Technical Designer she heads the Design Department of Urban Purple. She is the backbone for many apparel brand launching and development of Fashion brands over more than 8 years.

Sashikant Khuntia
Head Marketing and Public Relation – Urban Purple MD – Scripto Graphics

Sashikant is focused on Marketing and Public Relation specific to Apparel Industry with More than years of Experience in Industry association. As a Founder member of Urban Purple and ScriptoGraphics, Active in both the IT and apparel industry practices, Sashikant has 16 years of experience in marketing Sales, Information technology and Public relation sectors. Prior to his Apparel Production and Information Technology Career, Sashikant spent seven years in Management Consulting, Human Resource and Project Management with URS Career Executive Search & Services serving Major Information Technology clients Including Dell Perot Systems, XChanging, Fujitsu, Hexaware Technology and many More.

Our Partner Company


Scripto Graphics a newly formed technology company with a strong base of product lines related to apparel design and production. Founded and operated by Sashikant Khuntia Business operation analyst in Garment Technology and Shivaprasad B.R with strong base on system annalist and programming experience ScriptoGraphics is coming up with a lot of automation related to Apparel Design, tech pack and Garment Manufacturing Software. Also development partners and founder of Tech Pack Templates - a downloadable website for Apparel Graphics and Tech Packs having making sustained and growing sales trend for downloadable and digital products for apparel designers and Clothing Manufacturers