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Clothing Manufacturing Process and Packages

Our Offering for Clothing Manufacturing

Whether you are an established fashion brand or start-up company you need to develop samples and execute your apparel production continuously in a cyclic term every year. At Urban Purple we support the brands and empower them to come up with a cost effective and simple way. To simplify and well-organized we have come up with cost effective sample development and apparel production solution in the form of three different packages. Those will support the brands build their apparel brand with ease.

  • Apparel Tech Pack
  • Sample and Fit Corrections
  • Designed Collection Line Sheet
  • Production Costing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Apparel Production
  • Logistic Support

How We Extend Our Support

To make things simple and organized we have came up with cost effective sampling and apparel production process. The flow you can see from the image. We expect you to have clarity on the above points and then our clothing designers and fit technicians would work closely with you. The focus is to understand your vision and see it through your eyes and then give a shape to it in most realistic and cost effective mode. There are 10 Steps how we can execute your complete Apparel Production.

  • Understand and come up with a Commercially viable Style from your Sketch
  • Technical Flat Sketch Illustration of Garment for your Approval
  • Technical Design and Measurement Specs Design
  • Base Pattern Creation
  • Mock Sample Development with Closely Available Fabric
  • Fitting Session with Gap Analysis
  • Review with You for Tech Pack and Pattern Adjustment
  • Final Sample Development as per Comments and Feedback from Gap Analysis
  • Costing and Bills of Material Preparation for Production and MOQ
  • Sample Shipment

What it takes to produce your brand merchandise?

To execute an effective apparel production with minimal cost you need to go after and make certain things clear from your end. Below are some of the questions you should be ready with your answer with.

  • What are the styles you want to go ahead with?
  • Do you have the sketches or similar images ready ?
  • Your ideal Standard measurement or Any Brands Measurement you want to follow.
  • What are your fabric preferences?
  • Your target cost if any?
  • What quantities do you want to produce?
  • Do you also need labels and hang tags with your brand name on them?
  • What is your delivery date?
  • Any Target date for Sample delivery?

Manufacturer and Exporter of Readymade Garments

Capabilities as Clothing Manufacturer

We Are One Of The Recognized Clothing Manufacturer And Garment Exporter And Fully Equipped Clothing Manufacturing Unit Capable Of Producing Apparel With 100% Quality. Our Apparel Production Unit Is Capable Of Producing All Kind Of Outerwear Garments In Woven, Knitted And Denim Category. GOVT OF INDIA Registered And 100% Exported Oriented Garment Manufacturing Unit. Export Oriented Garment Manufacturing Unit Capable Of Producing Small, Medium And Large Quantity Of Apparel. We Have In House Fashion Studio, Garment Unit Meant To Help Our Clients Get Their Apparel Designed, Prepare The Sample And Produce It Right At One Place.

Our MOQ starts with 100pcs/style/color. You can also send us your styles tech pack to us and details will be provided back within 24Hours.

Capabilities as Garment Manufacturer

Garment Manufacturer
  • Men’s and Ladies T-Shirts
  • Men's and Ladies Shirts – Casual & Formal
  • Men's Ladies – Bottom, Denims, Trousers (Casual & Formal)
  • Kids Clothing – Boys Shirts, Trousers, Denims, Shorts
  • Kids – Girls Shirts, Frocks, Pants, Skirts, Shorts & Denims
  • Strong in sourcing Fabrics & Trims Sourcing

Heavy Duty Machines

Garment Manufacturer and Exporter
  • 30 – Single needle Machines (JUKI Made)
  • 05 – Over Lock Machines ( JUKI & Siruba Made)
  • 05 - Flat Lock Machine for T-Shirt Production (Juki Made)
  • 02 – Boiler Iron and Finishing Table for Garment Finishing
  • Kids – Girls Shirts, Frocks, Pants, Skirts, Shorts & Denims
  • 02 – Layer Cutting Machine

Minimum Order Quantity

Manufacturer and Exporter of Readymade Garments
  • T-Shirts( Plain )– 200 PCS/Color/Style
  • T-Shirts( Striper ) – 500 PCS/Color/Style
  • Woven Shirt/Tops(Plain)- 300 PCS/Color/Style
  • Woven Shirts Floral/Strips and Checks - 1000 PCS/Color/Style
  • Denim Jeans - 1000 PCS/Color/Style
  • Ladies Dresses, Tops, Tunics 500 PCS/Color/Style
  • KIDs Apparel (Plain/Floral) 500 PCS/Color/Style

Clothing Manufacturing Packages

$ 1,250
  • 2 Styles ( T-Shirts)
  • 100 PCS Production
  • Design & Tech Packs Included
  • 4 Sizes S, M, L, XL
  • 2 Sample Shipping
  • 1 Round of Fitting Adjustments
  • 1 Rounds of Fitting Adjustments
  • Fedex D2D Shipping Included
  • 5 Styles Collection
  • 250 PCS Production
  • Design & Tech Packs Included
  • 4 Sizes S, M, L, XL
  • Line-Sheet Presentation
  • 5 Samples
  • 1 Rounds of Fitting Adjustments
  • Fedex D2D Shipping Included
  • 10 Styles Collection
  • 500 PCS Production
  • Design & Tech Packs Included
  • 5 Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Line-Sheet Presentation
  • 10 Custom Samples
  • 1 Rounds of Fitting Adjustments
  • Fedex D2D Shipping Included