Apparel Production Package Pricing

Want to start your clothing line? It’s easy like never before. Fashion studio urban purple has come up with a complete solution with its most attractive packages. Check out for the best package that suits your budget to start your clothing line. We have tailor made the packages as per the demand of most customers with their limited budget. When you are availing our below packages all you need to give us is your style details in sketch or raw form. Our team will completely take processing your sketches to final product.

$ 1,250
  • 2 Styles ( T-Shirts)
  • 100 PCS Production
  • Design & Tech Packs Included
  • 4 Sizes S, M, L, XL
  • 2 Sample Shipping
  • 1 Round of Fitting Adjustments
  • 1 Rounds of Fitting Adjustments
  • Fedex D2D Shipping Included
  • 5 Styles Collection
  • 250 PCS Production
  • Design & Tech Packs Included
  • 4 Sizes S, M, L, XL
  • Line-Sheet Presentation
  • 5 Samples
  • 1 Rounds of Fitting Adjustments
  • Fedex D2D Shipping Included
  • 10 Styles Collection
  • 500 PCS Production
  • Design & Tech Packs Included
  • 5 Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Line-Sheet Presentation
  • 10 Custom Samples
  • 1 Rounds of Fitting Adjustments
  • Fedex D2D Shipping Included
We Take-up Order for Cotton Knitted / Woven Garments Only On this Package and Printed Fabrics are Not Part of the Package.
Terms & Conditions
  • The Delivery Time line is 30 - 45 days from the date of Purchase Order.
  • Pre-Production Samples for the Sizes Specified By the Buyer including the Packaging Material should be submitted to the buyer within 25 days prior to Advance Payment Date.
  • Advance Payment 100% As per the Package Rate. Mode of the Payment has to be Through Wire Transfer.
  • We Take up all shipping responsibility till the clearance of the source Port / Air port. We have the responsibility for the custom clearance from the source. However, Clearance from the Destination is not in our hand nor our responsibility.
  • Buyer May Conduct Employee independent inspection agent or company to ensure acceptable quality of goods.
  • Buyer will be given a brief summary / status by urban purple of each style/product of garment Once- Weekly, until the complication of the products.
  • Sizing will be produced with the break down ration of S – 1 , M – 2, L- 3, XL -2. If the Client wants a different ration for the sizing they can specify the same on Purchase Order.
Working Procedure
  • To Begin the Process We need Your Style Sketches and Detailing to Understand, Analyze and Do a Feasibility Study and This you can provide us by using the Style Detailing Sheet.
  • The Delivery Time line is 30 - 45 days from the date of Purchase Order.
  • Our Clothing Designer will Prepare the Flats / Tech Pack Design from your Sketches along with Measurement Specs for your approval.
  • Once the Tech Pack is Confirmed and We get the Go ahead with Style and Measurements we will prepare the fit sample and This Will be shipped to you.
  • We Would need your Approval on the Fit Sample for Sizes and Gradation. We may also send you the Swatches of the Fabrics / Prints / Embroideries etc through Currier for your approval.
  • We Require a Purchase Order from the Client to Ship Goods From India to Your Country.
  • Purchase Order Must Contain Exact Quantity of the Goods That is Required to Send to The Client. The Payment Amount Must be as per the Invoice that We have sent you.
  • Purchase Order is an official document that is required by us when sending the goods to your country. This Document is important for Custom Clearance and also shipping of the Goods.
  • Please Download the Purchase Order Format format from Here and duly fill the Informations required and marked on Red Color
  • Purchase Order Must be signed and celled on the Letter Head of the Clients Brand. The Wire Transfer Ref Number is Mendotery on Purchase Order.

  • Note You Must Read Before Committing

    We request you to send Your sketches to us and take a consultation before you are actually committing a deal. Although we have almost all capabilities that can produce your products but in certain rare situation vision that you have might not be so feasible while doing product development and production. So If you can send your sketches and ideas to our designers we can do a proper feasibility analysis and give our comments to you. We do not want to have any confusion and for us relationship building is Important. If there is anything that is not possible from our end we would rather say no to you than disappointing you after your financial commitments. Kindly go through all documents given and terms that we have before committing a business with us. We value your business relationship and would love to have a long term business relation beginning from here on.